Chocolate Ice Cream

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Beat the heat with homemade ice cream. This is for chocolate lovers. Chocolate flavored is always close to my heart. Although it doesn’t matter with flavor when there is rise in temperature. My family loves homemade ice cream and this one is made to be loved, so rich and creamy!!!

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Here goes the recipe

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: Indian

Preparation time: ½ hour

Cooking time: 6 hours

Serves: 4 Nos


Condensed milk – 200ml

Cocoa powder-1/4 cup

Choco chips-2 tbsp

Icing sugar – 1 tbsp (optional)

Whipped cream/whipping powder/fresh cream – 200ml


  1. Now mix condensed milk and sifted cocoa powder, beat well. Keep this aside
  2. If we take fresh cream, then whip it on high speed with icing sugar to get the stiff peaks on ice cold tray with ice cubes (I believe this helps to get stiff peaks fast). Keep this aside.
  3. Now take a portion of the whipped cream, add this to the condensed milk mixture. Mix slowly.
  4. Now add the remaining part and mix gently to get a thick ice cream mixture. Mix the choco chips to this.
  5. Pour this into a container with tightly closed lid and freeze for at least 6 hours before serving it.

chocolate-ice- cream


My Notes:

While whipping ensure that vessel and whipping attachments are frozen for atleast 2 to 3 hours and cream is refrigerated.

Any flavor can be substituted for chocolate. Frozen fruits and nuts can also be added. It can be served with hot chocolate sauce.

Homemade condensed milk can also be used. Here is the recipe Three Ingredients Homemade Condensed Milk


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