Millet Brookies

Brookies are delicious combination of cookies and brownies. Everyone loves brownies and chocolate cookies!!! Millet brookies are healthy glutenfree bake made of millet flour, sweetened with organic jaggery. These millet based brookies are healthy snack recipe for all age groups. Millets are rich in fibre, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, other minerals, vitamin B and low in…

Rava Gasagase Pongal or Semolina Poppy Seeds Pongal

Pongal, Makara shankranti, Lohri, Bhogali Bihu, Sukarat are the various names of harvest festival in the first month of New Year throughout India. In Karnataka it is celebrated in the name of makara sankranthi the mark of sun entering makara rasi. Rice lentil pongal in pots is traditionally prepared from first harvest in Tamil Nadu….

Colocasia Leaf Chutney

Colocasia leaf chutney or kesuvina yele gojju is tasty tangy sweetish and mildly flavored with garlic. Most of the colocasia or elephant ears or taro plants are tuberous perennials grown in moist fertile lands. They are called kesuvu in Kannada. Colocasia contain good amount of antioxidants, few minerals with vitamins too thereby having healthy benefits….

Little Millet Tomato Dosa

Little millet tomato dosa is crisp, spicy and flavorful breakfast recipe. Little millet is a variety of millet also known as saame in Kannada. Millets are gluten free grains, rich in fibre, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, other minerals, vitamin B, low in glycemic index, help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Millets in moderate use is good…