How to make authentic Jackfruit moong dal payasam (video recipe)

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Jackfruit moong dal payasam or jackfruit kheer recipe with step by step video.

This is a flavorful treat for jackfruit lovers. It is a traditional dessert from regions of coastal Karnataka. There are many ways of preparing this payasam.

It’s a delicious glutenfree recipe and can be made vegan by adding the dry fruits as it is without frying in ghee.

I have learnt this recipe from my mother-in-law. In this recipe, I have used ripe jackfruit pieces, hesarubele or moong dal. Along with jaggery with little soaked rice paste to get nice thick texture to payasam.

Jackfruit moong dal payasam is a glutenfree dessert from karnataka prepared using ripe jackfruit pieces, split dehusked moong bean. Sweetened with jaggery. #dessert #Karnataka #payasa #glutenfree

Do try this dish which is delicious for any occasion.

Health benefits of jackfruit

Jackfruits are powerhouse of many nutrients. They are high in calories mainly from carbohydrates and proteins. They are fibre rich edible fruits.

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Culinary uses of jackfruit

Raw jackfruit due its texture is a best vegetarian substitute for meat-based recipes. Therefore, extensively used by vegans and vegetarians.

In India jackfruit is a seasonal fruit mainly found during summers. This is a versatile fruit and used extensively in many savory and sweet dishes across the globe.

Both raw and ripe jackfruit is used in cooking. Ripe jackfruit is mainly used in sweets and unripe ones are used in savory dishes.

In coastal Karnataka and malnad regions of Karnataka all parts of jackfruit are used like yellow fruit pods, seeds, the inner flesh which holds the pods are also used in savory dishes.

Jackfruit seeds are also used in savory and sweet dishes like halwa, nippattu.

Beginners guide to chop jackfruit

Jackfruit is an exotic tropical fruit and happens to be the largest fruit in plant kingdom. It has spiky green outer skin with small fleshy fruit pods embedded in sticky layers.

Chopping the ripe jackfruit is a bit tricky due its latex nature which is incredibly sticky. I have done a detailed video on how to chop the ripe jackfruits easily in your kitchen. Click here to watch the video.

Main ingredients used in jackfruit moong dal payasam

Jackfruit payasam is mainly prepared with jackfruit and moong dal or split de-husked moong bean or hesarubele (kannada). It is flavored with cardamom and coconut.

Any variety of jackfruit can be used in this recipe.

Whole or powdered cardamom can be used in the recipe. If using powder directly add during boiling otherwise just add whole cardamom while grinding the coconut paste.

The best alternative to coconut gratings is thick coconut milk. It can be added while boiling the payasa.

If you cannot source fresh jackfruit, then canned jackfruit can be used in this recipe.

Below is the link to few of the ingredients and mixer grinder I have used in this recipe and I highly recommend the same

Organic Moong Dal Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Organic Cardamom

How to get thick consistency payasam

This payasam can be thickened with more quantity of coconut and almonds. Almonds can be used with skin or without. They can be soaked in water or directly used while grinding. Almonds also adds to texture and taste of the payasam.

Raw rice is also used to thicken the payasam. Little rice is soaked and used while grinding with grated coconut and almonds. Do not add more rice, as this will completely thicken the payasam as it starts cooling down.

The other best option for thickening ingredient is cashew nuts. These can be either soaked or used directly.

Sweeteners used in jackfruit moong dal payasam

Jaggery or any sweetener like refined sugar, cane sugar or palm sugar. In my native or malnad regions of Karnataka, liquid jaggery is used. This makes the payasam dark brown color. The color of the payasam depends on the color of jaggery used.

If refined sugar is used color of payasam is mainly dependent on the jackfruit fruit pods.

I have used jaggery in this recipe, to make this healthy. Adjust the amount of jaggery as per the sweetness of jackfruit.

Key notes to get perfect jackfruit moong dal payasam

Here are few important pointers to keep in mind to get a perfect textured payasam.

Grind the coconut masala into fine paste, this helps in smooth texture of payasam.

Always boil this payasam on low heat so that you get nice aroma, and this also ensures that it do not burn at the bottom.

Do not chop the jackfruit into exceedingly small pieces before adding directly into the payasam because the pieces tend to become mushy and you do not get anything to bite while serving.

While cooking the payasa, as it starts boiling, its particularly important to continuously stir. This avoids burning and sticking of the payasa at the bottom of vessel.

Next make sure to add jackfruit pieces at the end of boiling, this ensures they do not become too soft or mushy.

Detailed recipe of jackfruit payasam

Here is detailed recipe of making this payasam.

First step is to prepare the coconut masala for payasam. Take a high-speed mixer jar, add ¼ cup jackfruit pieces, grated coconut along with soaked rice, almonds, and cardamom.

Few pieces of jackfruit are used while making the coconut paste for payasa, this helps in equally distributing the flavor. This also helps in thickening of payasam.

Make a fine paste of about mentioned ingredients. Keep this aside until we start with next step.

Keep the moong dal or split de-husked cooked ready to use.

Boiling jackfruit payasam

Heat a thick bottom vessel, this prevents the burning and sticking of payasam at the bottom while boiling.

Next is boil together the moong dal, ground coconut paste, jaggery powder. Add required quantity of water to this.

Boil well for nearly 5 to 6 minutes on low heat. This ensures the payasam not burning at the bottom with continuous stirring.

Adjust jaggery as per the sweetness of jackfruit pieces. Add jackfruit pieces at the end of boiling payasam, this ensures they donot become too soft.

Let the jackfruit pieces be slightly big, so that this can enjoyed while eating the payasam Continuous stirring is particularly important to avoid sticking of jackfruit pieces at the bottom.

This payasam can be thick or slightly thin. Adjust the consistency as per requirement using water. It slightly thickens as it cools down.

Flavoring the payasam

Add mild flavorings agents like green cardamom in less quantity, so that jackfruit flavor is dominant. Dry fruits fried in ghee also give nice flavor and crunchiness to payasa.

How to make this recipe vegan

This simple recipe is already vegan as we are not using any diary products directly. However, ghee roasted dry fruits are used. So make it completely vegan, add the dry fruits directly without roasting in the ghee.

Jackfruit moong dal payasam is a glutenfree dessert from karnataka prepared using ripe jackfruit pieces, split dehusked moong bean. Sweetened with jaggery. #dessert #Karnataka #payasa #glutenfree

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Jackfruit moong dal payasam

Pavithra M AdigaPavithra M Adiga
Jackfruit moong dal payasam is a glutenfree dessert from karnataka prepared using ripe jackfruit pieces, split dehusked moong bean. Sweetened with jaggery.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine karnataka
Servings 4 people


For grinding:

  • Jackfruit pieces – ¼ cup
  • Grated coconut – 2 tbsp
  • Soaked rice – 2 tsp
  • Cardamom or yellaki- 2 small
  • Almonds – 4-6 nos

For payasam

  • Jackfruit pieces – 1 cup
  • Split green gram or moong dal or hesaru bele (cooked) – 1/4 cup
  • Jaggery – 3/4 cup grated
  • Finely chopped dry fruits (fried in ghee) – ¼ cup
  • Water as required


  • Grind together ¼ cup jackfruit pieces, grated coconut, soaked rice, almonds and cardamom into fine paste.
  • Boil together cooked moong dal, ground coconut jackfruit paste, jaggery. Adjust required amount of water as per the thickness you prefer.
  • Boil well on low heat with continuous stirring for 5minutes to prevent sticking and burning at the bottom.
  • Next add the chopped remaining jackfruit pieces and boil for 3-5 minutes.
  • Add the ghee roasted dry fruits and serve hot.



Continuous stirring is very important to avoid sticking of the payasa at the bottom.
Add jackfruit pieces at the end of boiling payasam, this ensures they do not become too soft.
If you want the vegan version of the payasa, add plain dry fruits without roasting in ghee.
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Jackfruit moong dal payasam is a glutenfree dessert from karnataka prepared using ripe jackfruit pieces, split dehusked moong bean. Sweetened with jaggery. #dessert #Karnataka #payasa #glutenfree

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