Fresh Fig Honey Smoothie

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Fresh fig honey smoothie is a great source of healthy ingredients. Got few fresh figs from Yercaud, Tamil Nadu and tried this healthy smoothie. Figs are fruiting units of ficus tree. They are called as anjura in Kannada or anjeer in Hindi. Figs are good source of potassium that helps control blood pressure. It’s a good source of dietary fiber. They are rich in antioxidants and help fight cancer. Figs are lusciously sweet and give a nice combination of chewiness of pulp and crunchiness of seeds to the smoothie. There are multiple varieties of figs varying in colour and texture. These figs are dried and used throughout the year. They are easily perishable fruits so care should be taken to select good deep colour, free of bruises fruits and intact stalk. They are used in different varieties of healthy dishes.

My other main ingredient of this recipe is honey. Honey forms a great natural sweetener, packed with natural fructose and glucose. They are fat free, cholesterol free and contain high percentage of carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants helping in fight many serious illnesses. Fig and honey form a good combination for weight loss diet.

Here is a simple recipe of smoothie which forms a great healthy dessert option.

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: International

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins

Serves: 4 nos


Fresh fig or anjura- 13 to15 numbers

Honey- 1 cup or as per taste

Vanilla ice cream- ¼ cup

Thick milk- ½ cup


  1. Clean the fresh figs, peel the skin and chop it into fine pieces.
  2. Now take a blender, add the chopped fig pieces, three fourth of honey, milk.
  3. Blend it well into smoothie. Now add vanilla ice cream and give a quick pulse.
  4. Thick smoothie is ready to be served. Refrigerate this before serving.
  5. Pour the fig honey smoothie into serving glass jar and pour the extra honey as topping.

My Notes:

The amount of honey is variable based on individual taste buds.

Topping with fresh honey on smoothie is important to get a nice taste of honey with every sip.

Small pieces of fresh fig can be added while serving to give a nice crunchiness to the smoothie.

Vanilla ice cream is optional. It can be replaced with thick milk.

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