Avarekalu murukku recipe – How to make Karnataka style avarekalu or Hyacinth bean murukku

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Avarekalu / Hyacinth bean murukku or chakuli recipe with step by step pictures is given in this post. This is instant snack on a festive occasion or any other day. There are many murukku recipes in South India, this is just a modified version of the same. This is a glutenfree and vegan recipe.

Avarekalu murukku is a recipe from Karnataka prepared during winter season when there is lot of avarekai or hyacinth bean available in the market. These are rich nutritionally with high fiber, protein content and can be easily incorporated in snacks for kids and even elders. The avarekai is split open; beans / avarebele are collected and used in many savory, sweet dishes.

I love the flavor of avarekalu, so wanted to try my hands in savory deep fried snack. I learn’t this recipe from one of my facebook friend Sujatha Ravish of foodie group. This muruku is delicious and flavored with avarekai.

How to prepare perfect crispy avarekai muruku?

To get perfect crispy avarekai muruku, the ratio of 2:1 rice flour and avarekai is used. Hot refined oil is added to the flour, you hear sizzling sound of oil and this is rubbed well with tip of fingers to give nice crispiness to murukku. Any masala of choice can be added to the flour like cumin, red chilli powder, little asafoetida. Always add mild flavored masalas to the dough to avoid masking of avarekalu flavor in murukku. These murukku are crisp and crunchy perfect snack with a cup of coffee or tea.

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Below is the recipe of how I prepared these murukku with step by step pictures


Avarekalu murukku recipe

Pavithra M AdigaPavithra M Adiga
Karnataka style seasonal deep fried snack recipe
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 10 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine karnataka
Servings 5 people


  • Avarekalu or Hyacinth bean - 1 cup
  • Rice flour - 2 cups
  • Red chilli powder - 2 tsp
  • Cumin or jeera (slightly roasted) - 1 tsp
  • Refined oil (hot) - 4 tbsp
  • Salt as per taste
  • Refined oil for frying
  • Water as required


  • Pressure cook the avarekalu until soft, cool them. Grind this into fine paste. Keep the paste aside.
    Avarekalu- murukku
  • Take a big bowl, add avarekalu paste, mix in the rice flour, red chilli powder, cumin, salt as per taste. Mix everything and then pour hot oil on top of flour mixture.
    Avarekalu- murukku
  • Mix well with the tip of fingers to get crumb like flour. Now add little water at a time and prepare dough.
    Avarekalu- murukku
  • Rest the dough for 5 minutes. This dough can be pressed directly in hot oil or prepare chakuli on a parchment paper and then drop these slowly into hot oil.
  • Heat oil in a wok or deep kadai on high flame, check the hotness of oil by dropping a small pinch of dough into the oil, if this rises slowly from bottom to top, this indicates that the oil is ready for frying.
  • Now take a oil greased murukku presser, grease the mould with star plate. Next stuff the dough inside and press the murukku directly into the hot oil. Deep fry on medium flame until they turn golden in colour, as the sizziling sound stops, remove the murukku on kitchen tissue paper and after they cool, store in airtight container.


I have added red chili powder, you can also add pepper powder or chilli flakes.
Refined oil can be replaced with butter, mixing the flour and fat with finger gives the murukku a nice texture and crispiness.
Do not rest for long time, prepare the murukku immediately.
Deep frying the murukku on medium flame gives nice consistent colour and texture.


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